HEALING OPTION: Energy Astrology and energy healing session

This session enables you to balance your chakras, but we go further into the healing and balancing part of it.

It consists of a planetary chakra test before a 90-minute Skype consultation.
In this session, the dynamics of the chart are discussed, from the perspective of energy and the Soul’s journey to provide you with a deeper understanding of your life purpose and lessons. It also includes a look at the coming cycles for the year to guide you best through your development and progress.

The Fee: $450

After the consultation you will receive everything included in the Energy Astrology session, PLUS additional items to support deep healing and balancing of your chakras:

1. A special frequency recording for clearing and balancing a particular chakra for a 28-day balance.
2. An online video recording of the energy exercises suitable for your chosen chakra.
3. A 50% discount on the Energy Astrology certification training for one month (value $75)
4. A SPECIAL GIFT – a computer-generated report about your natal chart or your current one-year highlights (your choice). (value $50)

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