BASIC OPTION: Balance your planets and chakras session

This session enables you to balance your chakras. It consists of a planetary chakra test before a one-hour Skype consultation.

A one-hour consultation with Lea enables you to define your planetary energy balance (the inherited state and present state of energy flow in your chakras). By balancing a particular planetary center with Energy Astrology practices and flower essence formulas, you can balance different areas of your life. You will also get insight into the present dynamic which will give you amazing tools to constructively work with the challenges and opportunities presented to you.

The Fee: $350

After the session you will also receive:

1. An email with a downloadable audio file of our consultation.
2. A description of one energy center recommended for you to work on.
3. A list of affirmations for that particular chakra.
4. A recommendation of flower essences to support your balance.

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