Find out which energy center is your point of balance.

Planetary Energy Test

Each energy center corresponds to the quality of one planet in your natal chart. The natal chart is our energy matrix, revealing how energies within us interact through the symbolism of the planets. It also reveals our greatest potentials as well as obstructing mechanisms.

This test provides you with insight into the current balance of your energy centers.

The test includes 30 questions, and you will need 5 minutes, on average, to answer them.

Rate the truthfulness of each statement by marking the least truthful one (I do not have that kind of problem) with 1, and the most truthful (I experience this very intensely and strongly) with 10.

Statements refer to your current situation, or situations that keep repeating.

Some statements will have opposite claims, because they refer to an imbalance in the same energy center, either as a surplus or deficiency. If one part of a claim is true, while the other is not, mark this claim for the part that does refer to you.

After you answer all of the test questions, you will receive information about the current state of balance of your energy centers, with an emphasis on the center that is the most out of balance, as well as our suggestion for what to do to return to balance.