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This coaching program is for you if you are ready to:


your most amazing and deepest gifts and to turn them into your authentic products and services.


your life and business around your core talents, values and joy in order to make big changes.


your astrological skills to read your own Soul Map and impress clients by discovering their Soul Map gifts.

What is included with the 5 months of coaching calls?

  • You will be guided to get answers on questions like – Who am I? What am I meant to do with my life? What’s my unique calling? What is my purpose?

  • You will develop astrological and coaching skills to read your own Soul Map and to impress any client by discovering their Soul Map gifts as well.

  • Get step-by-step coaching on how to design your business and life around it.

  • Be guided on a path to self-discovery and reconnect to your Soul Gifts.

It’s Time To Discover Your Life Purpose And

Dive into the  miraculous

The journey begins with 5 months of transformational coaching:

Coaching Call #1

Learn What Feeds Your Soul + Discover Your Ideal Clients

We will start our discovery journey with the Moon and our Soul memories. You will discover here
your primary needs, what fulfills you and your amazing truth—your Soul food is what your ideal
clients are searching for. The more you fulfill yourself, the easier your ideal client will find you.

Coaching Call #2

Ignite Your Soul + Raise Your Energy

Coaching Call #3

Discover Your Core Talents + Master Your Beliefs

Coaching Call #4

Turn Your Purpose into Products + Services

Coaching Call #5

Authentic Marketing: Let People Know What You Do in Your Authentic Way

Travel with the

Soul Map